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Hello Mr. Company, Are You There?

Posted by Derrik Jacobson | Follow him on Twitter
When you ask a company a question in social media it merits an immediate response from that business, correct?

This is the ever-growing expectation: somebody should be there to answer your question when asked.   As a customer, this makes a difference.

And, despite the toll on resources many businesses are moving beyond traditional workday hours to make this so; and they are ever monitoring the speed at which questions and comments are addressed and are trying to do it faster.

The demands of optimizing a business’s direct buying funnel have forged this change in the nature of commerce and there is no going back.

However, what of the messages published by brands?  Outside of the buying cycle, companies must also allocate resources to both marketing within social media and in other traditional formats.  New customers will always be vital to survive and grow.

To put the best foot forward, social media requires just as much strategic timing of messaging as do commercials, radio spots, and other seasonal efforts – with each little targeting variable unique to your business.

So here’s the dilemma...

Should You Un-Fan Your Friends?

Posted by Derrik Jacobson | Follow him on Twitter

It goes without saying that the social media giant, Facebook, has made a pretty noticeable shift in priorities as of late.  Yes, it still retains its mission of connecting every single person in the world.  However...


Does this jive with the above mission?  Or, does this more align with the goal of appeasing Wall Street?

As reported in multiple places (here being one example), Facebook announced that individual users will soon be able to promote their own posts to the News Feed of friends they might not otherwise reach.  All for a mere $7.00 per post (pure profit for Facebook by the way).

What will you see more of?

Probably babies, engagements, weddings, and pyramid scheme invites.

What will you see less of?

To All the Facebook Phone Rumors that Won’t Die

Posted by Derrik Jacobson | Follow him on Twitter
As you've probably noticed, the internet is more and more abuzz with rumors about a forthcoming Facebook Phone. Either this is folklore that will never die, or there might actually be some merit to the online whisperings.

So I ask, is it practical for Facebook to start from scratch and build the next coolest phone to try to compete with the likes of Android, Apple's iOS, and the Windows phone? My analysis says no. Would a venture such as this be successful and even stand a chance at capturing some of the smart phone market share? Again, not likely.

Google+ Branded Pages: But Where are the Customers?

Posted by Derrik Jacobson | Follow him on Twitter
The signs are up, the doors are open.  Turn up the music, it's awfully quiet in here...

Google has done quite well over the last few months with Google+... at least as far as keeping people talking about it.  (If you have missed out on that conversation, circle a few social media people and you'll be in the loop fairly quick.)

However, finding an accurate source for the total number of users that are actually using it is another story.

Google, for obvious reasons, prefers to emphasize how many people have signed up and logged in at least once.  Obviously, those should not count as active users, but Google is ultimately in charge of that decision.

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