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Hello world. May I introduce to you...

Yes, it is another social media site. Yes, I am weary of them too. However, this one is definitely doing something different, and I like it. Google+ and Twitter, take note.

At first impression, I do not believe is going to suddenly swoop in and blow away the competition. Rather, I hope part of its very core functionality is brought to at least Google+ as it is missing the boat on its full potential.

Curated content, filtered by those you follow, and tagged with topics.

It is so simple of a concept that I would be extremely surprised if anybody did not like it. Google+ brought long-form updates to social media and has been said to be the blog-killer. A little presumptuous, but if it wants to be a strong contender, it should add the ability to label the topics of posts.

Yes, Google+ has search functionality and you can save keyword searches; Twitter has hashtags in addition to search functionality. However, they were baked in as an afterthought. A barrier still stands in the way of receiving the information that is often being sought after. The power of is in the labels.

Having a network of people that you choose to follow for various topics (i.e. technology, business tips, local news, etc.) is one thing. Being able to filter through all their other interests and to only have the subjects that you are interested in delivered directly to your Chimeline (news feed) is another.

If succeeds at this innovation, I suspect the same concept will start popping up elsewhere.

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