To All the Facebook Phone Rumors that Won’t Die

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As you've probably noticed, the internet is more and more abuzz with rumors about a forthcoming Facebook Phone. Either this is folklore that will never die, or there might actually be some merit to the online whisperings.

So I ask, is it practical for Facebook to start from scratch and build the next coolest phone to try to compete with the likes of Android, Apple's iOS, and the Windows phone? My analysis says no. Would a venture such as this be successful and even stand a chance at capturing some of the smart phone market share? Again, not likely.

BUT, what if Facebook forged a partnership with one of the above flagships of the industry, namely Apple? It's already known that Facebook has hired a handful of Apple's developers. Yet, rather than making these hires to engineer a new phone as the rumors are suggesting, wouldn't it be much more practical to use their iOS and hardware expertise to build Facebook deep into the iPhone experience?

Twitter clawed its way into the iPhone, and since then its user base has increased by 25%.

And, even though Facebook is way ahead on its active user base, taking this route and integrating itself into one of the 'coolest' phones on the market - and doing so in a way that's never been done before instead of engineering its own phone from the ground up - would surely be a success.

A Facebook Phone may definitely be a reality in the near future, but don't hold your breath for one all its own.

... or am I completely off here?

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