Should You Un-Fan Your Friends?

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It goes without saying that the social media giant, Facebook, has made a pretty noticeable shift in priorities as of late.  Yes, it still retains its mission of connecting every single person in the world.  However...


Does this jive with the above mission?  Or, does this more align with the goal of appeasing Wall Street?

As reported in multiple places (here being one example), Facebook announced that individual users will soon be able to promote their own posts to the News Feed of friends they might not otherwise reach.  All for a mere $7.00 per post (pure profit for Facebook by the way).

What will you see more of?

Probably babies, engagements, weddings, and pyramid scheme invites.

What will you see less of?

The posts by the friends, family, interests, and/or brands that you would otherwise see.


Because Facebook has to make more room for promoted content in the News Feed now (AND, it needs to show investors that it has a sound business model).

What can you do?

Create lists of people whose content you want to see, stick to those, and avoid your News Feed.

OR, you could quietly un-friend or hide the content of the friends you see promoted posts regularly coming from.

OR EVEN, if you dare, you can jump on the waiting list over at the new Myspace in hopes of meeting up with Tom again.

I'm already seeing signs of this with decreases in the average per-post reach  for the brands that I actively work with, across the board.  Inevitably, more competition for slots in the News Feed leads to increasing advertising costs to appear there and also slowly reduces the reach of unpaid content. 

It's going to be a delicate balancing act for Facebook for sure: optimizing its advertising returns while also maintaining (and hopefully continuing to improve) user experience.

Shy of immediately foregoing Facebook as part of your routine, is there a point at which promoted content might turn you away?

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